Inner Light Therapies

Sarah Wolfarth

Inner Light Therapies is honored to offer the Portland community Psychotherapy and Reiki Energy Therapy. Taking the necessary steps towards mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being does not have to be a lone journey. Both psychotherapy and Reiki energy therapy/healing are tools for moving away from suffering and towards healing.   

                     Sarah Wolfarth, LMFT


I respect the unique and intricate experiences each client brings into the therapeutic relationship, and therefore approach each client with flexibility. My focus is on the mind, body and spirit in the movement towards long term healing and away from suffering. A crucial part of my practice is striving to meet each client where they’re at on this journey that is life. Doing so by acknowledging and incorporating the unique identities each client holds, as well as the intersections of those identities. 

At different times on their journey, I have found that clients are able to benefit from Psychotherapy (talk therapy) and/or Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling. I schedule these services separately to honor and maintain boundaries. The most important part of my role as a therapist/energy practitioner is to strive to be as transparent as possible. 

Psychotherapy Practice

I obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at California State University San Bernardino. Currently, I am working towards a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Although my approach with each therapeutic relationship is informed by various schools of thought, I primarily practice from the following frames: Liberation / Depth Psychotherapy, Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy, Attachment Based Approach, and Interpersonal Process Approach.   


Reiki and Spiritual Counseling Practice

I have been certified as a Reiki 2 practitioner since 2007. In this role I offer a unique blend of energy healing and spiritual counseling. My experience in energy work and spiritual counseling is informed by intentional inner exploration. It is through my continuous commitment to exploring how I can be the most authentic expression of myself, by trusting my intuition and clairvoyance, that I am able to serve my clients.   


My clinical and professional work has spanned across various fields over my career. Before private practice my therapeutic work history included working with various populations (i.e.: incarcerated women, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, parents, adult individuals and couples) in many different settings (i.e.: in-homes, schools, jails, clinics). As a social justice activist and advocate I have experience with political, non-profit, and volunteer work, specifically organizing around racial justice and LGBTQ justice. And, as a clarvoyant intuit I have almost ten years experience accessing my sensitivity to those energies around me in order to practice energy healing work. I incorporate all three identities (therapist, social justice activist, energy worker) into my work. With a full and dynamic tool box I feel confident in the services I offer clients as they seek support and healing.  


If you are interested in scheduling either a Psychotherapy consultation or a Reiki Energy Healing/Spiritual Counseling session, please call 951-310-9709.